How Project Manager Updated with Latest Technology Trends?

It’s very important for every company project manager that utilizes some way for updated not his entire team but also yourself.  Common technology a manager shouldn’t be avoid like Microsoft, CISCO, ERM, SAP system, Primavera, Project Management Software and Tool, Excel Template, and other business latest trends like What Google invent new technology? What’s Yahoo strategy nowadays? Where the Big fish of Market place at current time and detail of trading and international transaction detail?

Technology is changing every day, so you should be an adaptive nature not occupied and lonely otherwise companies forgot you and people also.


Resources Allocation and Use Accordingly 

For an IT manager essential to allocate all available resources and use according to situation, sometime you could achieve certain objective with limited resources, so what is your strategy in this case? You must have to know what is going on in Market. Like other companies how surviving in this situation? Why Project Manager Should be More resourceful, review complete detail.

Cooperation with Other Department

More your coordination with other department of your company more you can use limited resources at maximum. Like Use same software in all departments may reduce time of checking the record and statistics especially in financial department.

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