Inventory Spreadsheet Templates in Excel

How to set-up inventory management data base on spreadsheet or excel? Microsoft excel has a useful ability that we can also create excel template for inventory working that can also be used to calculate the basic factors like cost of good, percentage of sale and the unit cost that is for the single unit is being taken t the beginning.

Here in this article we give a detailed description about the basic tools and procedures from which we can make easily an inventory excel template.

Method to Create Excel Inventory Template

So the first methods to create a basic excel inventory spreadsheet. In this method we format the title column heading and text. We can also adjust the column width by placing the mouse pointer over the column header that separates the column b and c. By click the line between b and c we can header to line of column b to increase the width of column b. and we repeat this process unto the column M.Either preparing warehouse inventory or other these steps will helps you.

Next we go to the title the column heading and the text. The first text we give that may be the daily inventory (monthly) so we select this cell b2 through the column d2 and take and wrap the text button on the alignment menu in the tool bar. Now click the Marge and the center button at the same time the top align button and the center align button at the same time.

Now by take the click button highlight the text cell and select the format brush button to the menu on the left tool bar.

Click and drag the cell f and h to copy the format. In the newly form cell we right the cost goods budget and ´total cost ‘at the next task we enter the column text that is the text according to the goods that we are being useful as the requirement of our product beneficent and related to that is become quite easy to deal with.

Create Inventory Template Excel

Final Step of Creating Inventory Template

Now in the next cell they may be B3 we use the text ´quantity´ which means that how much is the quantity is being used. In C3 the product that, what is the introduction about the product?  In D3 we take the unit of the product that is the most minimal quantity of the product. Previous reports are taken in a cell call E3. Case price is written in the F3 and unit price in G3.

Things to Remember before creating in Excel

  • Make sure you have installed excel version 2010 or advance for avoiding bugs.
  • Save file with Inventory term for remember in bulk data.
  • Name of Order and supplier save by name
  • Create separate section of important suppliers and products
  • Insert summarized information about any sheet at the top for using in dashboard management or tracking performance
  • Handy project management tool of sales and financial planning
  • Closely monitor every single order and sale

This template will not only helps you in creating financial plan or also helps you creating expense/budget sheet. So this was all about the Inventory Spreadsheet Templates in Excel, I hope this article will help u to understand the terminology and it will be quite beneficial for your business.

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