Microsoft Innovation in Project Management Industry

Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and paul Allen. With the passage of time it been updated and it worked. Now company introduce many tools, technology, and modernization trend in the field of project management with many Excel based software, web based template, Spreadsheet, Google docs and many other tool for project managers for project planning.

These technologies plays an important role in success of a Project managers.

Recent Technologies by Microsoft

Today many software companies stands because of Bill gates and paul. No doubt many features have been introduced by them last twelve month. Today in france now Microsoft clouds has been introduced and this views by the Microsoft SEO Satya Nadella and his partner gave the details about this update(Microsoft) clouds and also describe their efforts related to this new feature. And they are winner with this feature (Microsoft clouds).

Microsoft Technology

Investors Define Roles

Microsoft continues and flexible to push in the all areas of the clouds like hybrid, linux and enterprises and many more. With the approach this clouds it has a many issues regarding brands among the companies. Microsoft position is very good in the market and that is high investment. Microsoft clouds as compare to the amazon and effects of the recent microsoft clouds ratio prise by three investors (players). Soon this company will spend billions on these clouds.

Google is a very rich and big site from earning point of view but the amazon is not so much high as compare to the Google. This cloud will help you to make your data save and also have ability to keep your all files, because Microsoft has a tool for your all problems.

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