Project Management Dashboard Template Excel and software

Excel templates been used in today scenario in different business according to nature of project plan. Dashboard configured software has everything what required to complete project management documentation. Sales or cash flow statistics to project expense numerically values, Gantt chart to project portfolio to integration management, change request to any action plan and budget capitalization to final evaluation each and everything you can track through this web-based software.

After download this software you will be able to control any particular project status according to project methodological works. You can also use this template as a tracking system without helping any expensive software.

Project Management Dashboard Template

There are many things you can do using this tool, Financial projection, expense budget planning, portfolio of projects, tracking system, risk assessment, project performance and other deliverable evaluation need to be overview during keep track of any project.

Every statistics show separately in this software or template of Excel, any general person can easily identify what the current project status is? For identifying issues and bugs in any project and change request accordingly would helps you a lot.

Change Control Dashboard

You can easily seen many things related to project nature like original plan, increase budget for plan schedule changing, re-plan due to delay and current total.

Financial Performance Dashboard

Graph type statistical values create two color line for differentiate current performance and required performance of any project; you can also create sub section during managing multiple projects.

project management dashboard template

Plan Performance Dashboard

In this section, we can review the work done according to define business plan or preliminary plan, any progress or loop hole will be indentify in this section. Same like financial performance; it will also show with color differentiation.  This section further is used in making project management dashboard template financial reporting or status report plan.

Schedule Overview Dashboard

Through integration timeline or Gantt chant you can easily track pre-define schedule, you can also use Milestone calendar in this section

Project Issues Trending Dashboard software

In this section project manager help regarding identify any problems regarding resources, technology changing, team coordination, communication internally or externally departments. Team meeting schedule and worksheet coordination lacking, Update SAA agreement period, GOVT or other legalization system, ability to standardized on a base period, quality insured system and security implantation overall system. Templates of Excel or online configured Spreadsheet and any other compatibility software of project management should be compatible to other mobile devices or network technology.

Features of Excel Dashboard Template

Using Microsoft template you will not only capable to making plan easily but ready for meeting for clients, stockholders or any other manager every time with the little delay. Every deliverable project status report could be prepared via using this tool, so project manager need to link with some blogs like TrainingAble or ProjectManagementInn for regular technological updates.

Project Management Dashboard Template in excel or web-based software need to be implement in every system, there are many project manager been using some expensive technology like Agile, Sap, SharePoint, but they don’t realize the effectiveness of this system.

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