Project Status Report Spreadsheet Template Excel

Companies come across various categories of project. Not only their nature their size also differ. Statues reports are specifically designed documents created for specific project to show main objective of project which is divided into smaller achievable tasks. It spreadsheet template clearly shows which tasks are completed and which are under progress. Critical situation occur especially when company come across bigger size of project as it is complicated to deal with such type of project. Project planning and monitoring is essential for both small and large businesses to drive it in right direction.

Purpose of Status Report Template

  • Time is limited in business or specifically in a shift.
  • To use time effectively tasks must be designed and allotted to employees in effectual manner.
  • Project managers have a core responsibility of completing project on time therefore he needs to keep a proper check over employees.


  • Monitoring employee performance is practice of professional managers.
  • This is tough job however it can easily be evaluated by viewing status reports.
  • It is difficult to interact with every team member on a daily basis therefore checking out his work is difficult however this job can be easily achieved by status report.
  • In case of low performance measures must be taken to increase workers work morale towards work.

Format of Status Report Spreadsheet Template

Templates developed for this purpose helps in keeping track of the activities and tasks assigned to workers. Microsoft excel templates are preferred for this purpose. Weekly as well as monthly status reports can be created as the type of project.

Grab Your Copy xlsx File: Link

It shows whether the certain activities are under process or completed. It is also useful for the upper management as well as for stakeholders as these template kept informed them about the current stage of project. Any major decisions can be taken at any stage if required.

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