SAP Portfolio and Project Management Documentation

SAP Business Design is integrated Software which offers business management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. It can be used for all types of enterprise setups. SAP is more of a service than software. This system helps you company to reset each department alignment into fine tune.

Throughout project scheduling to dashboard features it’s useful but very expensive project management software.

Software as a service (SAAS)

SAP provides solution oriented services to the enterprises. The solution can be implemented through the computer over a secured internet connection. It locates online host servers the data and the software tools.

Thus the enterprise applications are configured out through the internet and web-browsers on demand. Installation of SAP Portfolio Management software requires a fee rather than investment, like other SAAS solutions.

SAP Portfolio management

Solution overview

The SAP Portfolio Tool follows end-to-end enterprise procedures over different situational features or modules. It offers solutions related to the customer relationship management and establishes procedures for marketing, sales and service activities.

It also offers solutions for financial management and project management oriented tasks and the problems evolved during such tasks. It provides techniques to the organizations to control their cash flow management. It also assists the organizations in effectively managing their basic enterprise operations. SAP also provides effective Supply Chain Management techniques.

It offers planning, and management for warehouses and logistics. SAP software also focuses on Supplier relationship management in which it offers cost-reduction techniques and self-service procurement methodologies. This software also proposes effective solutions for managing the human resource as well.

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