Transparency Problem Using Open Base Source or Networking Tool

There are wide-ranging effects of using Open Base Source or Networking tools. The idea of such a networking source is being preferably employed in US for decision making in different fields. It is considered very effective for Government decision making for the implementation of different projects in the country.

Online Collaboration and Open-Base Software

Circulating data in open source networks and using online networking collaborations to include public in municipal decision making are respectively the two examples of using Open Base Source.

Open source network allows you to publish the achievements and on-going progress of a project on a collaborative forum so that everyone could see the shared information. The Obama Government has announced to opt for this policy of open source collaborations as it is to publicly demonstrate the progress of different projects. The local and municipal authorities are the ones who are more following this procedure.

Transperancy in Open Base System

Deficit in System

The OSB is used to assure the people particularly those who show lack of trust on the Government about successful implementation of certain projects. The open source network will make the progress of the project visible to them so that there may arise no trust deficit between the local Government and citizens. It would eventually develop harmonious positive feelings in the citizens for the Government.

The Obama Government has employed the OSB for sharing information with the citizens so as to construct effective information sharing network with the general public. They are also developing strategies which might allow the Government to receive feedbacks from the general public regarding a project.

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