Web Based Project Management Software

Employees at different designations in business have different responsibilities. Role of project manager is mainly to outline a budget and plan which should be adopted and followed to complete each process cycle in a manner which is budgeted.

Opportunities can be outlined using Project Management Software’s. To complete project on time is also necessary to earn good fame for the company which helps in achieving more projects in future. Web Based management software’s are mostly adopted by companies due to its accessibility all the time.


It is a choice of majority businesses which prefer web based project software’s. Planning is one of the major ingredients for success and effective plan outlines opportunities and threats to project. Zoho helps in planning process.

Features of zoho

  • It helps in setting milestones for project teams which is useful in performance evaluation of team members.
  • It also ensures project completion on time.
  • Gantt chart is another useful feature of zoho.
  • It is used to show tasks in progress and the tasks which are completed and also the tasks on which working are not started yet.
  • To make project successful resource allocation is required efficiently in a manner in which most output can be made.
  • It shows data from many sources on one platform helping in making good decisions.


It is regarded as another popular choice as it is used by individuals for personal matters as well as equally useful for enterprises. A project manager can use it for slicing out main goal into set of smaller tasks which is awarded to team members in groups.

Deadlines can be set for these tasks which later on helps in comparing and budgeted work. It provides a effective medium to make group discussions about working procedures and tasks. It allows file sharing which helps in making modifying them. Gantlet charts show real- time information therefore more productive decisions can be made.

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