Work Breakdown Structure According to PMBOK

Having a detailed visual about a specific project is helpful in differentiating between its main objectives and subtasks. Project head in a company is responsible of completing a project perfectly therefore he usually divides a main goal of the project into easier and measurable jobs which is done under a process known as work breakdown structure template. This process is created and showed in form of a structure in some template.

Making estimates of the cost incurred when working on a specific project is important to calculate profit earned as well as to pay out rewards to manager and its team. Subtasks are given to different departments in the company. Therefore budgets can be calculated for individual departments.

Fulfillment customer data protection

  • This is the major objective when company deals with type of project when it has to store data of customers.
  • Telecommunication companies and call centers come across large number of customers and storing this data for future use is important.
  • However to achieve this objective it is divided in various breakdown processes.

Project management

  • To organize work in sort of flow diagram is important to analyze it and organize it easily.
  • It shows deliverable jobs which can be allocated to specific departments in the company.
  • It helps in making realistic and constructive budgets.

System development

Subtasks should clearly show the cost and duration estimated for it. System and technical requirements for data protection must be outlined satisfying all other partners. Enhanced and new techniques which ensure data protection is important.

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