Work Breakdown Structure Template

Imagine your company is indulged in a situation when different types of projects are made available to company.  Communicated responsibilities are functional to deal in such a situation. Work breakdown structure proves beneficial as it helps slicing down main target of a project into smaller goals. Template designed for this objective helps in evaluating project stage at any time.

Project manager need to keep a eagle eye on various processes at a single time like who is performing which activity and what is the time outline for that task. Chances of success is however dependent on various functions performed by project managers.

Advantages of Work Breakdown Structure Template

  • Managing and organizing work is a useful policy adopted by skillful project managers.
  • It helps in making effective control over the project team as well as over the work processes.
  • It prevents loopholes in project lifecycle which mean completion of project on time.
  • Identifying tasks which are under progress can be evaluated easily.

  • Any major change can be informed to team members before the time.
  • Training programs can be scheduled more timely.
  • Cost for a specific project can be checked and managed more comfortably.
  • It is important to calculate profit which can be earned from specific project.
  • Resource allocation can be assigned per task and any variance can be observed as well as it reason.

Format of Work Breakdown Structure Template

Each task has a fundamental role in completion of project however some tasks are dependent on others. Tasks as well as specific role in project can be checked by managers.

It helps in monitoring whether milestones set are compatible with project by evaluating work performed by team members. Microsoft project is mainly adopted for this function to manage project efficiently.  It helps by preventing occurrence of situation when project  become uncontrollable.

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